Step 1: Conduct A Patent Search Now

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April 1, 2017

If you have a new idea or invention, the first step in the patent process is often to have a patent search conducted. The results of a thorough patent search can help answer some important initial questions concerning your invention - answers that can help you decide what to do and where to go next.

For exmaple, is your invention new or unique? Does your invention have any specific features or advantages that are different than existing patents or prior art? What features of your invention are important to you, the consumer, or the industry? Where is the industry heading?

Oftentimes, the results of a patent search can be somewhat eye-opening, at least initially. When you receieve the results, analyze them, review the prior art, and attempt to distinguish your invention from those found in the search. This can assist the patent attorney in preparing a more defined or focused patent application -- for instance, one that is directed more toward the features and functions that set your invention apart from others.

You may even realize that, after the results of the patent search become available, your inveniton may change, evolve or improve as you continue to to fine-tune the details and build towards a stronger invention with more unique features and functions.

Again, the patent search is often the first step in the direction of protecting your invention or some of the unique portion(s) of your invention.

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