The Iconic and Innovative Weber Grill

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May 29, 2021

Whether you prefer the convenience and control of a gas-powered grill, or the flavor that comes from a charcoal grill, many of us will fire up the barbeque this Memorial Day weekend.

But, did you know that the iconic Weber grill was invented by George Stephen, an employee of Weber Brothers Metal Works, which in the 1950's made metal buoys for the US Coast Guard? Unsatisfied with the traditional open-top, box-like grill design commonly used at the time, Stephen fabricated a dome-shaped lid out of the metal buoys made by his employer, punched some holes in it, added tripod legs and a handle. The first prototype was born. His new innovation was marketed as "George's barbecue Kettle," prodcued by Weber Brothers Metal Works, later changed to Weber-Stephens Products LLC.

The Weber grill has, of course, changed over the years, but many aspects of the original concept remain the same today. Below are some of the early Weber grill patents and some other articles on this history of the grill: