Top 100 Inventions of 2021

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January 8, 2022

It is common, and often insightful, to reflect on the past 12 months as we open the door to a new year. Although, no doubt, your yearly reflection list of 2021 is fraught with entries related to COVID-19 and vaccinations, focused on "The Best Inventions of 2021," listing 100 inventions that change the way we live.

Here are some of our favorites:

Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles by Nuro

U.S. Patent No. 10,583,803 for "Systems and Methods for Remote Operation of Robot Vehicles."

Partnering with Dominos pizza and other companies such as Chipotle, CVS, and FedEx, Nuro created an electric, autonomous vehicle that delivers goods to your home.

Spatial Audio Triphonic Speakers by Syng

PCT Patent App. No. WO2020/206177A1 for "Systems and Methods for Spatial Audio Rendering."

These Triphonic speakers deliver true spatial sound that adapt to the characteristics of the room and precisely project the sound in an immersive and unified manner to the exact dimensions of the space.

Hands-Free, Go FlyEase Sneaker by Nike

U.S. Patent App. No. 20200187590A1 for "Hinged Footwear Sole Structure for Foot Entry and Method of Manufacturing."

Nike's new Go FlyEase shoe incorporates a bi-stable hinge structure enabling the shoe to be stable or secure in both the fully open and the fully closed positions. The hinge structure allows this shoe to be slipped on and off with ease.