Sony Improves Head-Mounted Display Apparatus

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A recent United States patent application filed by Sony Corporation of Tokyo, Japan reveals some new improvements in its Head-Mounted Diaply ("HMD") Apparatus -- developments that may help Sony compete with the anticipated Google Glass.

Sony's HMD appartus is built more like a traditional glasses frame, and includes pop-up displays appearing on both lenses along with ear buds mounted on the frame arms.

The new market for HMD glasses is wide open, leaving significant room for technology companies like Sony and Google to build new and innovative features. However, it may be a tough road as lawmakers in West Virginia, and perhaps other states, are already seeking to ban the use of HMD glasses while driving. The proposed legislation in West Virginia would lump head-mounted displays (such as Sony's HMD Apparatus and Google Glass) with cell phones and other electonic devices currently banned from use during operation of a motor vehicle.