Nintendo Receives Patent for Embedding Wii Contollers in Toys

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Yesterday, the United States Patent & Tradmark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 8,414,349 to Nintendo Co., Ltd. of Japan for controlling the movement of a toy via an embedded Wii contoller.

Particularly, as shown in the figures, the Wiimote is embeeded in to the frame of the the toy, which can then interact with a game simultaneously displayed or played on the Nintendo Wii. In the case of a robot toy, the communcatons between the Wii console, the Wiimote, and the toy can cause the toy to move about the room in response to certain actions in the game.

In some embodiments, multiple robots or toys may interact with each other and the environment, and can also be controlled by multiple players or users. Certain accelerator and/or gyro informatoin gathered by the controller relate the relative position of the robot with respect to the environment and other robots to the console for processing.